Chandelier Restoration

Our professional staff can rewire, take apart, and thoroughly clean most chandeliers — even ones with water or smoke damage.

Should your crystal chandelier have missing prisms or other parts, we have access to hundreds and hundreds of styles. And if arms are broken, we’ll call in our resident Magic Maker, a whiz of a glass and porcelain repairman whose track record is very impressive.

Lamp Repairs

While Sunlighting Lamp & Shade Center does not repair halogen or fluorescent lamps, we gladly accept any other type for servicing. Within a matter of days, simple repairs will be completed by our veteran staff and ready for pick up.

Custom Shades

If you can dream it up, chances are we can make it.

We often say that if you can’t find what you need in our already ginormous collection of shades, creating something more personalized is no trouble at all. In fact, each one of our shade-making staff members is incredibly gifted. So gifted, in fact, that our craftswomen can even make box pleats — that’s right, box pleats! Take that, machine-made shades!

We offer both hardback shades — with paper or plastic backing — and hand-sewn, fabric-lined shades. Both can be made from your fabric or ours.

Shade styles include flat as well as gathered, box, side, and smocked pleats. Of course, there are a number of ruffles and trim styles available, too. So bring us your frame or use one of ours. If we don’t have one available, we’ll have one expertly made.

Prisms needing to be re-pinned and hung? We can take care of that, too! Contact us!