Shopping for Chandeliers

When you hear the word “chandelier” there’s probably a specific image that pops into your head. There are, however, many different types of chandeliers, and it’s great if you can visualize what you’re looking for ahead of time.


A tiered chandelier can take on any look, depending on the materials and style used. The lighting will be on different levels, or “tiers”. These look better in a room with a tall ceiling, since they can be so tall.


This is a more informal chandelier. It’s at home over a dining room or kitchen table. They can be plain or fancy, but only one tier of lighting in the traditional chandelier


A crystal chandelier make a true statement of elegance. These can be quite costly, and are typically very heavy and ornate. Once more, a crystal chandelier will be more appropriate in a room with a tall ceiling. They are really amazing, and deliver a fairy tale lighting, as the light catches on the crystals.


The drum chandelier is more suitable for shorter ceilings. It will have lampshades. The lampshades can be around each individual light, or around the whole chandelier.


This chandelier is a cross between traditional and modern. They will combine the pared down profile of modern lighting with the shape and style of the traditional chandelier. The light will most likely have glass globes on them. This is the type of chandelier that you see most often today.


If you like the lodge feel, you’ll want a rustic chandelier in your home. These are chandeliers that are made out of animal horns, branches, or other natural materials. These fit in perfectly with a rustic decor, and are highly sought after for that reason.

Mini Chandeliers

Mini chandeliers are all the latest! These little wonders can light up your life without taking up all that space. These are the perfect accent light for brightening the little spaces in your home.

Modern or Contemporary

Lines and angles usually feature in the modern/contemporary chandelier. They are free from ornate decoration, and sometimes feature exposed bulbs

Candle Style Chandelier

This chandelier can take several forms. It’s not actually a design style of its own. It refers to the lights themselves. They will have the look of a candle, with a candle flame shaped bulb at the top.

Beaded Chandelier

The beaded chandelier is similar to the crystal chandelier, but offers a more affordable option. The crystals are replaced with beads. You may find beaded pendants hanging from these chandeliers.

Murano Glass Chandelier

This chandelier is made entirely of blown glass and are available in a variety of colors. Modeled after blown glass from Murano, Italy, they now refer more to the style of chandelier, rather than the place of origin.

Mission Chandelier

The mission chandelier models itself after the arts and crafts movement. It uses milk glass, or stained glass globes, and features an angular, boxy look.
Whatever type of chandelier you choose for your home, you’ll enjoy the timeless appeal of this cultured look. Mad Interior can help you choose your style and have fun shopping!