Welcome to Sunlighting

Sunlighting Lamp and Shade CenterSunlighting Lamp and Shade Center, founded by Marilyn Alexander in 1970, opened it’s doors in the heart of Buckhead. Forced to move by a collapsed roof from an ice storm, they relocated to Sandy Springs in 1979.

Sunlighting has always been known for its expert repair and restoration work, from a new cord on a table lamp to the largest antique chandeliers that come into the store in pieces.

We began making our own lampshades for stock on the shelves. Quickly word got out that we actually made the shades in the store! Soon, customers and designers were asking us to make shades using their fabrics and trims. The expert craftmanship in our shademaking department guarantees you will receive the exact shade you desire.

Our business has grown from primarily the Southeastern States to the entire country.